This week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead is titled “Laura,” which is appropriately titled as it is revealed how John Dorie and Laura, better known as Naomi, first meet. It also shows their brief romance and provides a deeper look into John’s character.

In this episode, there is a flashback to when John was living alone in silence. He had created a routine for himself in his cabin, which includes making breakfast, doing chores, killing walkers that fall into his trap and even playing Scrabble.

However, that routine is changed when he saves an injured woman in a canoe in the river. As he brings her into the cabin, Naomi says that she has to get back. John then treats the cut on her side the best he can. The next morning, he finds Naomi gone and sees her outside attempting to steal his car. He does not try to stop her, and even tells her where the keys are hidden. However, the engine won’t start. He tells her that she can stay with him until she is well enough to leave. She agrees and talks John through how to stitch up her wounds.

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After aiding her, she still does not reveal who she is to John, so he asks if he can call her Laura because she looks like a Laura. The two of them go to the store the next day, while they row to their destination, John shares that he used to be a police officer and would also perform trick shooting part-time for the Wild Wild West shows for fun.

While at the store, Laura grabs a bag, which John discovers in Alicia, Luciana and Strand’s possession in the previous episode. They also pick a movie to watch, Meet John Doe, which they enjoy later that night along with butterscotch-caramel brittle. She then finally reveals a small insight into her background, she has lost her child. As time goes on, the two settle in together and form a new routine.

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The two have a close encounter with walkers, but John refuses to use his pistols. He reveals that he accidentally killed a robber in a shooting. He could not handle being called a hero, which is what led to him isolating himself in the cabin. Later that night, John saves Laura who is under attack by a group of walkers. He pulls out one of his pistols and kills them before they get the chance to kill her. He then gives her one of his pistols to keep herself safe since she will be leaving soon.

On the night before Laura leaves, he confesses his love to her. He says, “If you’re alive, this whole world feels alive.” They then kiss and end up sleeping together. The next morning, John wakes up alone to a message in Scrabble letters, writing out “I love you too. I’m sorry.”

The end of episode flashes forward to John sharing this story with Morgan. Morgan then tells John the same advice Rick Grimes once gave him, “We’re alive. We are part of the world. Let’s not waste another second.”

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