Paul Lieberstein and Aaron Zelman developed Lucky Hank, in which Bob Odenkirk stars as the midlife crisis-bound English Professor Hank Devereaux.

At the 2023 South By Southwest festival, in an exclusive interview with uInterview, Lieberstein, who you might recognize as Toby from The Office, discussed what it was like working on two office-based shows.

“I love the office scenario,” he began. “I love writing it and so when I got here, you know, these are very different characters, they’re very educated and driven and they want more for their lives so it’s a very different set of people. People are just thrown in that little space, it’s about parking spaces and it’s about someone making a noise that you can’t stand and so a lot of the same dynamics are there and when I got to write scenes where it was just like, everyone was there in an office meeting, I felt very at home like, ‘yeah, I can do this.'”

Lieberstein also revealed his favorite moments from The Office.

“The very first episode I directed was such a blast,” he said. “It was Michael running away on the train, it was Schrute Farms, and there was a moment where I had Mose, who is Mike Schur, the writer, run and chase the car like a dog and they just looked around weirdly, Pam and Jim about what it was, and I loved everything about that moment and filming it, thinking of it, writing it.”

Lucky Hank is available for streaming on AMC+.

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