Bob Odenkirk stars in Lucky Hank as the midlife crisis-bound English Professor Hank Devereaux.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, Sara Amini explained what her character, Meg, is like.

“She’s sort of Hank’s protege,” she began. “She’s a part-time professor and then she also works part-time at a bar. What she wants more than anything is to have tenure, which is what these other seasoned professors have, but Hank doesn’t want her to get stuck in Railton like he did, so he’s kind of against it and that’s kind of where their tension lies. But Meg is super bright, really good at teaching, a little self-destructive in her personal life, a little reckless but a really complicated, amazing character to play.”

Amini also revealed an awkward moment on set with costar Odenkirk.

“So I have this moment early on,” she said. “We’re doing a table read and I still didn’t really know Bob that well and I was really intimidated by him and he sat next to me at the table read and I was like, ‘what do I talk about, what do I talk about?’ and he was eating a beet salad and I was like, ‘so you’re a beet guy, huh?’ And he was like, ‘what,’ and like totally like dismissive and I was like, ‘you like beets?’ And I like totally was like in the ground, like bury me now, this is so embarrassing, and he was like, ‘yeah, I like beets.’ It was so awkward and I feel like that was my lowest point with him but then it only it only went up from there.”

Lucky Hank is available for streaming on AMC+.

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