In a wild video captured by Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg, we saw what happens when a fan gets too excited and decides to get some attention in the middle of the biggest football game of the year.

The incident apparently happened during the game’s second half, and the fan appeared to be a young man dressed in a Super Bowl branded sweater, with a Super Bowl Experience backpack and black mask. He was attempting to wave around a poster, but it was not clearly shown in Feinberg’s video or press photos of the chase.

The man was quickly chased down by security, with one player for the Rams even running for him briefly as he got close to the team. He was eventually apprehended and escorted off the field.

You can view Feinberg’s video for yourself below.

The identity of “This idiot,” as Feinberg called him, was not released by the NFL, nor were any potential charges he faced.

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