U.S. Olympian and recent two-time silver medal winner Sarah Hammer’s story takes a bit of a departure from most average American Olympians’, many of whom have been in consistent training for the bulk of their lives. On the other hand, Hammer, 28, took a hiatus from cycling nine years ago.

Ultimately, it was sheer love of the game that brought her back. “You know, I love cycling now more than I probably ever have,” Hammer told Uinterview in our exclusive interview. “So there’s not much that has to keep me motivated. I love what I do. Getting to push the limits every day, there’s nothing better than that.”

For Hammer, there’s also nothing better than competing in the Olympic games and watching different nations come together in constructive sportsmanship. “The Olympic Games are such an amazing spectacle of sport, just being able to see people from all over the world doing very, very different sports, very different body types. It’s just an amazing, amazing thing to get everyone together,” she said.

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