Emilia Clarke, 23, best known for her work on HBO’s Game of Thrones, has dished about what it is like to constantly be naked on the set.

In a recent podcast interview for Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert,” the actress explained that she was not all that comfortable being naked at first as a young performer fresh out of drama school.


“I’m floating through this first season and I have no idea what I’m doing; I have no idea what any of this is. I’ve never been on a film set like this before, I’d been on a film set twice before then, and I’m now on a film set completely naked with all of these people, and I don’t know what I’m meant to do,” she explained were the thoughts that would run through her head while on set.

Luckily, Jason Momoa, 40, was the Brit’s love interest (Khal Drogo) on the hit series and always made her feel comfortable. She considers Momoa to have been a well experienced actor in the industry and looked to him for guidance.



The Aquaman star was kind during their GOT sex scenes and generous when giving her advice on graphic scenes. She revealed that her loving co-star had encouraged her to speak up when it comes to her body and when the scenes felt gratuitous on the show, and in any other project outside the show for that matter.

Family-friendly Last Christmas is the actress’ latest project, and what fans can certainly expect is a lot less graphic scenes from her festive Kate character,Β as opposed to her scenes during her time as Daenerys Targaryen.

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