Matthieu Rytz‘s documentary Deep Rising informs viewers about the dangerous side effects of deep sea mining for minerals like nickel and cobalt, which are used in electric batteries. As a Hawaii native who cares deeply about the topic, Jason Momoa narrates the film.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, U.N. Scientist and Marine Geologist Dr. Sandor Mulsow discussed the dangers of deep ocean mining.


“Contracts for explore exploration in different parts of the ocean with the most urgent one is in the Clarion-Clipperton zone, which is very easy between California and Hawaii, and there we have 19 contracts,” he began. “What did they do when they look for the minerals? The minerals are located in a geological conclusion that they are called manganese nodules, those grow very slowly they might have 25 million years of age one few millimeters per million years so they have the whole history of that part piece of water. In the Pacific the sea floor is not old is maybe 20 to 30 million years old. Why? Because it’s subjective, right, in California and all the Pacific. The Atlantic is different you have 200 million years of growth so it’s very well located. The key part, they found out, is they are very rich in minerals among those nickel, and cobalt that they need for batteries right, but also rare earth minerals which are useful in your camera, in your watch right there. You use every time you have a touch an Indium layer and that’s a rare mineral.”

The film aims to encourage people to read more about the topic and the dangers deep ocean mining can do to the environment, while also pushing for more sustainable sources of energy.

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