Dave Chappelle clarified his statements about Donald Trump‘s comments on the Access Hollywood tape release.


A few days ago, the comedian blasted the media for skewing the Trump’s words, and seemingly defended the Republican nominee. “What I heard on that tape was gross,” Chappelle said, according to The Observer. “But the way I got to hear it was even more gross. You know that came directly from Hillary [Clinton].”

It is worth mentioning that The Observer is owned and published by Trump’s own son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump.

“Sexual assault? It wasn’t. He said, ‘And when you’re a star, they let you do it.’ That phrase implies consent,” continued Chappelle. “I just don’t like the way the media twisted that whole thing. Nobody questioned it.”

Since making those comments, a rep for Chappelle spoke with Variety, explaining that the comedian did not intend to defend Trump and does not fully support either candidate. “Dave is disgusted by the tone of the election and especially by the idea that his comedy would be misconstrued to defend Trump. His comedy show blasted both candidates,” the rep said, adding, “by the way, he voted for Hillary.”

Despite voting for Clinton, Chappelle clarified his feelings about the candidate. “She’s going to be on a coin someday. And her behavior has not been coin-worthy,” he said. “She’s not right and we all know she’s not right.”

Up next, Chappelle will host SNL on Nov. 12, and is already facing some doubts that he will show up. This will be his first time hosting the classic skit show.

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