Dave Chappelle is set to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 12.

Ever since the end of his Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show in 2006, Chappelle hasn’t been in the television or film media.

Chappelle is know for his erratic behavior since he abruptly quit his high-paid show. He had left the stage in Sacramento, California, during his stand up set after the audience wouldn’t stop shouting “I’m Rick James, b—h,” a sketch from his show. Stand-up remains the most important part of his career, and other comedians in the height of fame say he’s the greatest comedian of all time.

“I never stopped being onstage.” Chapelle told People. “What I did was step off of the main stage, because those lights were hot, and I was trying to do other things with my life.”

Benedict Cumberbatch was also announce as a SNL host for later this month.

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