Dave Chappelle failed to impress fans during a show at Detroit’s Fillmore Theater on Thursday, with many saying the comedian appeared drunk and was slurring his words.

Dave Chappelle Booed In Detroit

Chappelle performed two shows on Thursday, April 23, and while the first show appears to have gone off without a hitch, his second show of the night was panned by audience members, many of whom are demanding a refund.

“Dave Chappelle sucked, he hardly made any jokes at all…. Wish he actually had an act or routine besides people shouting out topics…. Wish I could get a refund somehow or at least a performance where he isn’t high and/or wasted,” wrote Abbey Johnson on the Fillmore’s Facebook page.

TMZ published a video they claim was taken during the late night show, in which Chappelle appears to be slurring and mumbling unintelligibly as an audience member yells, “Let’s hear some of the act!”

Detroit Audience Demands Refund

“Can’t believe Dave Chappelle last night… HORRIBLE! We waited over two hours for him to start the show but he never did. Instead he slurred and swayed through random questions that were screamed at him from the audience and for the few jokes that he did actually tell, he repeated a two-embarrassing. Fillmore should give this audience a refund!” wrote Brandy Kodetsky on Facebook.

Fans paid anywhere between $50-240 to sit in the audience, and a few on Facebook called the show “a waste of time and money.”

Honestly I’m so disappointed in Dave Chappelle’s performance last night if you could call it that. What was supposed to…

Posted by Heather Becker on Friday, April 24, 2015

Just saw Dave Chapelle and it was the worst show I have ever seen. What a disappointing evening. He was slurry and NOT FUNNY at all. What a waste of my time and money.

Posted by Rachel Jennings Montgomery on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fillmore Detroit general manager Ben Doughty said that they had offered a few unhappy customers tickets to another Chappelle show to make up for the experience, but only had so many tickets to hand out. “For those that reached out quickly enough, we were able to accommodate them with another show,” Doughty said on Monday.

However, the Fillmore did not offer refunds of any kind, saying that they were “not responsible for artists’ content.”

A rep for Chappelle reportedly admitted to TMZ that the show in question was not the comedian’s best, but, “on the flip side, the incident inspired some additional sharp-witted material and [Friday] he came back with a vengeance.” Unfortunately, this is of little comfort to Thursday night’s audience.

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