Darren Vann, the suspected Indiana serial killer, has been charged with five additional murders. He was previously charged with two murders.

Darren Vann’s Additional Murder Charges

Vann, 45, was arrested back in October 2014 for his possible involvement in the strangulation death of 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy at a Motel 6. Vann later confessed to the murder to the Hammond Police Department. In his confession, he claimed to have killed several other women.

Based off information in his confession, Vann was subsequently charged with the death of Anith Jones, 35. Jones’ body was one of six that police found in abandoned buildings that Vann had directed them to.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Vann had been charged with the murders of the remaining five women, reported CBS. The names of the women whose murders Vann has now been charged with are Teaira Batey, Tracy Martin, Kristine Williams, Sonya Billingsley and Tanya Gatlin.

Vann is due to stand trial July 25. It is unknown if the added murder charges will push back the trial date.

Despite his alleged confessions, Vann is pleading not-guilty to Hardy and Jones’ deaths. If he is convicted of his crimes – which include rape, attempted murder and criminal confinement in addition to murder – he could face the death penalty.

Vann has previously served time in prison. He was first jailed in 2004 for assaulting an Indiana woman. He was sent to prison again in 2009 for raping a woman in Texas.

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