Coolaid is West Coast veteran rapper Snoop Dogg‘s 14th studio album. After dropping his peculiar experiment with the reggae-inspired project Snoop Lion, Snoop Dogg went back to basics with last year’s Bush and is now back with another much-anticipated batch of on-point hip-hop tracks that are both modern and authentic.

‘Coolaid’ by Snoop Dogg Album Review

Coolaid arguably brings Snoop’s most aggressive rap game yet. Opener “Legend” has him deservedly indulging in Kanye West-esque bouts of gnarling self-celebration. Coolaid, which runs at just under 80 minutes, contains 20 tracks that do just that, reminding us why he is one of the most distinguished rap legends of our time. With beats by producers like Just Blaze, Timbaland, J Dilla and Jazze Pha, Snoop manages to hold the listener’s attention for the larger part of the album with variety.

Appearances by producer Swizz Beatz on several tracks really up the dynamic level. “Let Me See Em Up” is one of the standout collaborations on the album, whereas “Light It Up” and “Let The Beat Drop,” also featuring Swizz Beatz, have a more unusual piano-driven touch, but are easily forgettable.

Snoop allows room for other big rap names on Coolaid without losing sight of his personal style. “Point Seen Money Gone,” featuring Jeremih, executes the recipe for a slick modern hip-hop track with its off-beat groove, repeatable hook and some smashing ad-libs by Snoop. “Oh Na Na,” on the other hand, recalls a Michael Jackson-era dreamy sound without the dynamic bang of the King of Pop. Instead like on “Kush Ups” later on Snoop joins forces with Wiz Khalifa for a couple of laid back tracks that are easy to enjoy in a fleeting moment but are largely superficial.

While as of late everything connected to Snoop Dogg has been both a hit and a miss, from his Snoop Lion invention to his largely unimpressive previous album to hitting an ultimate low in first week sales with Coolaid, the West Coast rapper is back in the game, making a stand for his legacy and thriving on self-indulgent raps.

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