Colin Kaepernick claims that he did not deserve the penalty for using inappropriate language in the San Francisco 49ers' disappointing loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Colin Kaepernick Claims Language Penalty Undeserved

Kaepernick drew a flag late in the week 2 game following his third and final interception, which ended up in the hands of Chicago’s Kyle Fuller. Side judge Laird Haynes threw the flag for the call, which cost the 49ers 15 yards.

“I didn’t say anything,” Kaepernick, who was weathering an onslaught of trash talk from Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston before receiving the flag, told CSN Bay Area.

Laird, though declining to reveal exactly what the quarterback uttered, told the outlet, “He knows what he said.”

The NFL is now looking into the incident during the league’s weekly officiating review on Tuesday to determine whether or not the penalty was justified. One person who is happy that the NFL is verifying the penalty is 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. "Yeah, we'd like that," Harbaugh said when asked about the possibility of the league looking into the alleged inappropriate language. "Find out about that."

Kaepernick’s language penalty was only one of many flags that flew Sunday in Chicago’s favor. In total, the 49ers were flagged 16 times, which is the second most that a team has been flagged in the NFL since 2011.

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