Christopher Dorner, ex-LAPD officer, is believed to have barricaded himself inside of a cabin and is exchanging gunfire with law enforcement officers.

After receiving a report of a stolen vehicle around Big Bear Lake, Calif., authorities began searching for it this afternoon, according to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. "The vehicle was located at Hwy. 38 and Glass Rd. The suspect fled into the forest and barricaded himself inside a cabin," the sheriff's department said in a statement. "A short time later there was an exchange of gunfire between law enforcement and the suspect. Sheriff's SWAT is on scene."

Two law enforcement officers were wounded during the exchange of gunfire, and are being airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Dorner is currently “pinned down” in the area surrounding the cabin. “The term commonly means he's not running any more, that they've got him trapped in a home or some other physical location,” former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes told CNN. “That means he's contained; that doesn’t mean he’s in custody … but it means he’s not running loose."

Schools in the Big Bear Lake area are currently in lockdown as a precaution. Despite having Dorner surrounded, they’ve yet to apprehend the suspect. "Vehicles coming down the mountain are being searched in case someone is hiding inside. Officers are holding drivers up at gunpoint, basically, checking vehicle front and back," says NBC LA reporter Alex Vasquez.

Tuesday marks the seventh day of the manhunt for Dorner. He is the suspected murderer of three people, including a police officer, the daughter of a former LAPD cop and her husband. In a detailed manifesto, he declared war on the LAPD for having fired him for a false accusation, an accusation Dorner maintains was true.

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