Charlie Sheen reached out to Christopher Dorner, who had given him a shout out in his manifesto that both detailed the reasons behind his intent to kill, and offered notes of praise to his favorite celebrities. To the Anger Management actor he simply said, “Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome.”

In the video, Sheen pleaded with Dorner to stop. "Christopher Dorner, this is Charlie Sheen. You mention me in your manifesto so thank you for your kind words. I'm urging you to call me and let's figure out together how to end this thing. Call me. I look forward to talking to you."

Sheen’s appeal to Dorner follows in the footsteps of KFI-AM host Bill Handel and comedian Lisa Lampanelli who both recorded pleas addressed to Dorner to surrender last week.

Other celebs singled out by the disgruntld ex-LAPD officer include Tim Tebow, Ellen Degeneres and Anderson Cooper. Cooper actually received a parcel from Dorner that included a DVD, a bullet-riddled coin memento and a note, which read, “I never lied.” Cooper and CNN have since cooperated with authorities and have turned over all of the package contents.

There is a $1 million reward for anyone who can provide information that leads to Dorner’s capture and arrest. Since his spree began last week, he has killed three individuals, including one Los Angeles police officer.

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