While ostensibly the actors, writers, directors and producers who attended Sunday's 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards were competing to take home gilded trophies, another parallel competition was also happening during the ceremony — the honor of the most buzz-worthy moment. Charlie Sheen, self-proclaimed winner of everything, naturally took that award by appearing touchingly humble and forgiving in front of his former Two and a Half Men cohorts and his replacement on the show, Ashton Kutcher, though the question on everyone's minds was whether he meant what he was saying or not. Other stand-outs of the night, for reasons good or bad, included host Jane Lynch's stellar comedic performance, the Canadian Tenors' lugubrious "Hallelujah" dedication and presenter / winner Julianna Margulies' bizarrely immobile gown.

Sheen, before presenting an award early in the ceremony, told his former costar Jon Cryer and others involved in Two and a Half Men that he wished them the best. "From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season," he said, while the audience held its breath for a punch line that never came.

Lynch, after a weak start with the the largely pre-recorded opening musical number, found her stride as host, lending to the ceremony such memorable jokes as, "Ladies and Gentleman, the reason why I'm a lesbian" as an introduction to the all-male cast of Entourage.

Every major awards show comes with an "In Memoriam" reel to honor the industry stars who died in the previous year — and like any commemoration of the dead, sometimes it's touching and simple, while it sometimes falls awkwardly flat. This year's bit, featuring The Canadian Tenors' belting out Leonard Cohen's over-sung "Hallelujah," belongs in the latter category. While the Tenors' vocal performance was strong, the overall effect was cliched.

Many viewers watch the Emmys solely for the fashion, and there was an eclectic mix of lovely and icky, though with no one going too far in either direction. The strangest choice had to have been Juliana Margulies' mummy-wrapped look, by Armani Prive, which featured a shapeless bodice and cheap-looking, embedded jewels. To make matters worse, Margulies, who won an Emmy for her work on The Good Wife, did not look comfortable in the immovable gown.

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    Based on some recent clips of Charlie Sheen that I've seen as of late in some TV appearances, I think he had a moment, calmed down, and realized the errors he's made.

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