Charlie Hunnam hasn’t yet started filming Fifty Shades of Grey, in which he’ll play the lead role of the dominant billionaire Christian Grey, and is currently hard at work shooting Sons of Anarchy’s sixth season.

Son of Anarchy’s sixth and penultimate season kicked off on Tuesday night with a shocking ending that left Hunnam’s character Jax Teller in a battle of conscience. A gun that Teller’s motorcycle gang had given to Nero’s crew with a slew of other weapons ended up in the hands of an 11-year-old, who opens fire on his classmates.

“These guys deal guns, and there’s a certain amount of disconnect once you put those guns out on the street not really knowing whose hands they’re gonna end up in and what violence that they create,” Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter told Entertainment Weekly. “You sorta sell and move on, not unlike a drug dealer who doesn’t really know the emotional impact of their product. And to have a father [Hunnam's Jax] who’s struggling with boys of his own and questioning the violence of his life, and is this right for his kids — it just seemed like a very organic story to tell. “

Hunnam, for one, believes that the show’s sixth season, with its heart wrenching story arc, will prove to be a favorite for viewers. "I really do believe it's the best and going to be the most satisfying season for the fans that we've done so far," Hunnam told Zap2It at the premiere. "In the classic storytelling of the three act structure, it's always the third act that becomes the most exciting because it's where all of the revelations come out; things have to be concluded.”

The Christian Grey character Hunnam is set to take on is a far departure from Jax – a poorly educated mechanic in a motorcycle gang with a soft side. Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy costars, however, believe that the 33-year-old actor will have no trouble at all transitioning into the suave businessman that becomes college student Anastasia Grey’s seducer.

"Charlie's the man for the job," Maggie Siff, who plays his wife on SOA, told E! News. "He's really not afraid of taking on big challenges. I really think he's going to step that movie up. It's going to be exciting."

– Chelsea Regan

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