Kristen StewartJulianne Moore and Dakota Johnson graced the 2021 Gotham Awards in New York City.

The event, hosted by the Gotham Film and Media Institute, was attended by many celebrities and distinguished actors and actresses. Prizes are awarded to independent films that are low-budget, yet still impressively made.

Stewart won the Performer Tribute for her role as Princess Diana in the award-winning film Spencer. Stewart’s co-star, Moore, presented the award on stage.

Directed by Pablo LarraínSpencer is a historical psychological drama film. The film is a fictionalized account of Princess Diana’s decision to end her marriage to Prince Charles and leave the British royal family.

Stewart certainly turned heads at the event. The actress wore a stunning strapless pink gown, complete with her hair formed to look like a bow. The dress had a slit down the leg, allowing the actress to show off her neon pink heels.

Moore fashioned a black matching suit with a low-cut silver top underneath, complete with slicked straight hair and gold earrings. Johnson also got the dark memo, wearing a black jumpsuit and black strapped heels.

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