Hector Camacho, 50, the Puerto Rican professional boxer also known by his nickname, Macho Camacho, is reportedly alive after being shot in the face in a drive-by shooting near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Camacho, a three-time boxing champion who has competed in three different weight classes, was reportedly in the passenger's seat of a vehicle on Tuesday night when a van drove up next to it and fired into the car, injuring Camacho and killing the driver, reports Examiner.

The vehicle from which the shots had been fired reportedly fled the scene, though authorities later caught up with it and took at least one of the occupants into custody.

"Camacho was fortunate to have survived the drive-by shooting," reported a source, according to Examiner. "The attending physician said, 'It seems that the bullet hit a bone and was diverted without entering the brain.'"

The details behind the shooting are still unclear. Camacho has had a few scrapes with the law on both domestic violence and drug-related charges in the past.

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