As we found out last week, Josh is now the Head of Household for this week, which is not good news for the rest of the Big Brother house guests.

BIG BROTHER Season 19, Episode 19 Recap

Paul and Josh are working together this week, but they both have very different ideas about what should happen. First, there’s Cody and Jessica, who it appears everyone is against. Then there’s Mark and Elena, also on the fringe. “I would love to get out Elena before Cody and Jess, I don’t trust her at all” Josh tells Christmas and Paul. But Paul is on a different page, saying, “I’ve been working on my game relationship with Elena, so I don’t want to mess with that.”

While Paul dislikes Cody and Jessica, they also helps him retain a balance in the house, making it hard if and when they leave. For HoH Josh though, he is so excited to be sitting in the driver’s seat that he just wants to make moves. Paul, however, is there to be the voice of reason, which of course makes Josh angry. In private, Christmas tells Josh that she loves Paul, “but don’t do everything he says… This is Josh’s HoH, not Paul’s HoH. Paul thinks it’s his room already.”

The second half of the episode is a game of Temptation Competition. Paul is afraid of Cody or Jessica winning, as that would upset his power balance, but Cody and Jessica have other plans. They want one to win and earn immunity, and the other to lose and play a part in the Power of Veto. For this competition, each person has to go through dark rooms with haunted house themes and gather clues to unscramble the name of a magic item. The fastest to complete the task wins.


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And lucky enough, Cody has the fastest time and Jessica, the slowest, just as they planned. So now Josh and Paul are in a bit of a pickle. Josh is determined to vote out Elena, but Paul informs Elena of the plan. Elena then confronts Josh, which leads to a huge fight between Josh, Elena, and Paul. “Is this Paul’s HoH or this your HoH?” she asks Josh, riling him up. In the end, despite Paul’s backseat Head-of-Household-ing, Josh nominates Mark and Elena to leave the show.

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