The season five premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, which aired last night on AMC, left viewers with more questions than answers, preparing us for another season of dread and, well, dead.

A plane crash, which injured Luciana, played by actress Danay García, left the crew stranded in an Area 51-type setting. Marked with signs that meant to warn visitors of high radiation, the seemingly desolate crash-landing site was actually inhabited by a group of children.

“Don’t be scared,” said a child’s voice as it opened the show. As the blurry image goes into focus, we see a child at the end of a gun barrel whispering “I’m not scared. Will it be loud?” End of scene.

In Walking Dead fashion, one confusing and striking scene leads to another. While we’re left to figure out who these kids are and what happens to them next, the main cast is literally dropped into the show via a hijacked airplane.

Advised by Al, they hope to find a man named Logan who is later revealed to have tricked the group into getting as far away from their community as possible in order to take over their humble abode, which used to be a denim factory.


After some mild twists and turns, nothing too grand in the scope of the show, Strand stumbles upon a walker who is revealed to us as Daniel Salazar. Daniel, a surviving member of the community surrounding the Gonzales Dam, has not been seen since the show’s third season when the dam was destroyed.


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While the group vies to reclaim the denim factory, a few questions about the kids, Salazar and Logan remain. Do the kids have a greater role in the show? Who does Daniel align himself with now? Does Logan have a few more tricks up his sleeve or is he a one-trick pony.

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