Big Brother has an unlikely Head of Household in Spencer Clawson, who has been put on the block seven times himself, and who ultimately selected GinaMarie Zimmerman and McCrae Olson to be up for elimination with his newfound power in the house.

In the house, it's now the Exterminators – Spencer, GinaMarie, Andy Heron and Judd Maguire versus McCrae. Each of alliance members is doing their best to convince McCrae otherwise. GinaMarie even goes so far as to stage her own meltdown, which included ripping her own clothing, to convince McCrae that it’s her who is the target and not him. Even Spencer has to say that GinaMarie’s over-the-top theatrics could backfire. Although, he and Andy do try to convince McCrae later on that they’d defintely get rid of GinaMarie and Judd before him.

No matter what strategy they use, if McCrae wins the Power of Veto, he’ll be able to take himself off the block and Spencer will have to replace him with one of his alliance members. When asked hypothetically who he’d nominate, he answers Judd without even thinking. He explains his choice by stating that if it were to come down to the final two, he’d rather battle it out against Andy.


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For the Veto Competition, each housemate is outfitted in a superhero costume, as the task involves them flying through the air. Swinging from a buzzer to a puzzle, they have to return to hit the buzzer every 20 seconds. If they fail to hit it on time, their puzzle will become demagnetized and they’ll lose all of their progress. A frustrated Judd pulls himself out of the competition and tries to help Andy secure the win for the Exterminators. Despite failing to hit the buzzer once and losing his puzzle, McCrae ends up the victor.

With McCrae obviously planning to take himself off the block, the Exterminators essentially have a massive breakup. Spencer, angry with Judd for not trying harder, becomes determined to see him sent home. He then turns around and tells Judd he wants him to stay, but that he won’t put Andy on the block in place of him. Judd absolutely flips out and goes on a tear throughout the house. At voting time, Andy and McCrae both vote Judd out of the house.

During his second post eviction chat with Julie Chen, Judd gives his endorsement to GinaMarie, who he thinks is both loyal and a good game player. He even states that GinaMarie’s superior loyalty is what got him booted from the house.

At this point, the Head of Household competition doesn’t guarantee anyone else but the winner passage into the final three. No new alliances have been formed, or any new feuds. It’s a game of trivia. Everyone gets the first five Before or After questions right. In the end, there’s a three-way tie in between GinaMarie, McCrae and Andy. Posed with the tiebreaker question of how many seconds the Superhero Veto competition lasted, Andy guesses the closest and becomes the new Head of Household.

– Chelsea Regan

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