Steve Moses won the first veto of the season and Da’Vonne Rogers started some drama on Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 17 Recap

After the last Battle of the Block, Steve and Jackie Ibarra are up for eviction, but James Huling and Jason Roy have a new plan: get rid of Jace Agolli. The two need seven votes to kick Jace out of the house, and they already have Audrey Middleton and Da’Vonne on their side, so James starts rallying up supporters. He recruits Meg Maley because he thinks she’s friendly and nabs Clay Honeycutt, bringing the new alliance to a grand total of six. When they meet, Da’Vonne is skeptical of the alliance. She’s not entirely sure the mix pot of houseguests are really going to be loyal to the cause.

Meanwhile, Jace has been alienating himself from the rest of the house. His most recent stunt: streaking across the backyard while the rest of the houseguests work out and relax. As Vanessa Rousso notes, Jace seemed to be hoping to elicit a big reaction from his housemates, but instead got “half chuckles and crickets.” Even Austin Matelson, who is in an alliance with Jace, knows his behavior is not endearing him to the rest of the house.

Later, Audrey stumbles upon Jace and Austin and plants a little seed of deception by suggesting to the boys that Jason should be the one going home. Soon enough, she has Jace and Austin thinking they’re in an alliance together with James against Jason.

Meanwhile, James names Da’Vonne, Austin, Vanessa and Liz Nolan as Have-Nots, meaning they are doomed to eat “slop” for a week, take cold showers and sleep in a creepy dentist-themed room.

Can Da’Vonne Be Trusted?

Veto players are selected, and James is happy to hear that neither Jace nor Austin gets picked to compete. James, Becky Burgess, Jason, Jackie, Steve and John McGuire all head for the veto competition, with Austin chosen as host. Before the competition can begin, Da’Vonne gets into some drama after Jeff Weldon, Clay and Shelli spot her snooping in the bedrooms throughout the house. They get suspicious, and Clay and Shelli Poole tell Jeff to follow Da’Vonne through the house. Unfortunately, Jeff’s mission is doomed from the start: Da’Vonne hears their conversation and takes Jeff up to the HoH room to yell at him. She’s upset at being followed, and refuses to accept Jeff’s apology. Jeff leaves the room to go get Clay, and Clay fails at appeasing Da’Vonne. He tells her she’s “completely paranoid” before stalking off, leaving her fuming.

Audrey, hoping to calm Da’Vonne down, goes to Clay herself and asks him to apologize. Clay does so, and Da’Vonne appears to accept the apology, but after Clay leaves, she launches into Audrey. She thinks Audrey is a traitor and manipulator for asking Clay to apologize to her, and her volatile dramatics only serve to convince Audrey that Da’Vonne is a loose cannon who probably can’t be trusted.

Steve Wins The First Veto

It’s time for the veto competition: James, Becky, Jason, Jackie, Steve and John must dig through dirt and slime to find scrabble letters. They have a few minutes to find letters and spell the longest possible word they can think of (correctly, hopefully). The one with the most valuable word wins. James kicks off the competition in the lead, spelling ‘LIFEGUARDS’ for 8 points. James remains in the lead after hearing from Becky – CLOSEST – Jason – ZONES – and Jackie – Judge – but Steve throws James out of the game by spelling the incredible word: TROMBONISTS for 12 points. John doesn’t stand a chance – he spelled BOOGERS. Steve is elated to have won the veto – he no longer has to worry about being the first person to go home (he was on the block, after all) and doesn’t have to rely on James or any other player to save him. “This trombonist is not going anywhere this week,” he proudly declares.

All seems good for James and Jason’s master plan to get rid of Jace, but after all the drama with Da’Vonne, Audrey is nervous their alliance will fall apart and she wants to make sure they have the numbers needed to send Jace packing. In the middle of the night, she runs around and grabs Jeff and Shelli, hauling them up to the HoH room to make sure they’re going to support the plan. Both Jason and James are annoyed at Audrey for taking over the alliance, but Jeff is the most pissed off. It’s four in the morning, and he was having a perfectly good cuddle session with Meg before Audrey so rudely interrupted.

James Put Jace On The Block

Finally, it’s time for the veto ceremony: Steve, as expected, removes himself from the block, giving James the perfect opportunity to put Jace up for elimination. Austin is furious at James’ apparent betrayal. Austin is nothing if not loyal, saying, “Jace being blindsided means that I’m being blindsided.”

So, it’s Jackie and Jace on the chopping block. We’ll find out who gets eliminated next week, when Big Brother returns on Sunday at 8 p.m.

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