Big Brother returned on Sunday absent two of the less toxic housemates – Candice Stewart and Judd Maguire – after last week's double eviction.

Judd was stunned to realize he would be packing up his backs when the votes were counted, and pinned the blame of the backdoor move correctly on Helen Kim. Andy Heron and McCrae Olson, two of Judd’s best friends in the house, voted for him too and are completely torn up about it. Amanda Zuckerman feigns remorse, but is really pretty aloof about the whole thing.

The Head of Household competition is a single elimination tournament that consists of… wait for it… rolling a ball into a cup. After the first round, Jessie Kowalski, Amanda, Andy and McCrae move on. Then Andy beats Jessie and McCrae bests his Big Brother fiancé Amanda, who’s visibly irate. Andy, however, is the ultimate winner. Instead of Andy having to pick the Have Nots, Helen, Elissa Slater, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries volunteer.

Amanda fights with McCrae about the Head of Household competition, even though he ultimately didn’t win either. Helen tries to soothe her to no avail. Finally, McCrae tells her to stop carrying on and to see that their alliance with Andy is still perfectly intact. She won’t say that she’s mad at him, instead telling him she’s disappointed, sad and hurt that he didn't let her win.

After her attempt to comfort Amanda, Helen sidles over to Andy to try to convince him to put both Amanda and McCrae on the block. He’s of a mind to put up Jessie and Spencer, which she says she’s okay with, but presses the “better” option. At the end of the day, Andy sticks to his guns. McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Helen, Elissa and Aaryn all pull keys, leaving Jessie and Spencer on the block. Helen isn’t particularly pleased.

Big Brother returns to CBS Wednesday at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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