Angelina Jolie knows just how good she has it.

“I think he’s extremely sexy—extremely handsome and the most sexy," she said of husband Brad Pitt in this month's Vogue. "When I think about him, I just think of the man who’s such a great friend and such an extraordinary father. And that’s when I fall, you know, when I have my moments of getting—whoarr!—caught up in how much I love him . . . it’s usually when I see him with the children.” The Oscar-nominated actress, 35, also gushed with enthusiasm about her famously large brood.

"We felt we could handle more children, and we have a very happy, very full home," she said. And she gets a little help from the kids themselves. “I’m not the best cook. Pax is a better cook than me," she admitted. "Pax likes to cook. But I try to when I can. Any house that we’re in, we all chip in. But the kids are very sweet…so enthusiastic anytime I cook. Especially Maddox; he’s just this little man that’s very supportive of me—it’s like he’s raised me a bit."

Like any mom, Jolie runs into some peculiar roadblocks with her children. "Shiloh found a dead bird, so she came in and said, 'Can I have a dead pet?' And I'm . . . 'Uh-uh, I don't think it's healthy, honey. I think they have to put him in a box,'" she recounted. "I had to run out to find, like, a taxidermy bird."

Jolie, who's currently busy shooting her directorial debut in Eastern Europe, also spoke of the issues facing female actresses in Hollywood. She spoke of her role in Salt, originally written for Tom Cruise. “I felt it was a weird thing that every time you ask for a strong female role, it’s written in this strange way where it uses sexuality far too much," she said. "Or it’s all about being a woman and beating a man. So it wasn’t a surprise to me that the only way to do a strong female role properly was to not have originally written for a woman.” –AMY LEE

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