American Horror Story: Coven opened with Marie (Angela Bassett) and Fiona (Jessica Lange) appearing to come together under the banner of a common cause at the now infamous 9th Ward hair salon. Will the bond remain, or will the two witching leaders soon turn against each other again?

American Horror Story: Coven Recap

When Fiona left Marie, Marie received a visit from Papa Legba (Lance Reddick). Papa Legba is a half-deity/half-man figure of the voodoo world, who has sway and influence over Marie. In fact, if she doesn’t do what he says, there will be trouble. He urges her to keep her part of an age-old bargain. She then leaves the salon and heads to a nursery, where she steals a baby. Marie follows that up with using her mind to get two cops to shoot one another – in front of the baby.

Meanwhile, Fiona has taken Misty (Lily Rabe), the new supposed Supreme, under her wing. Unlike the eagerness she met in Madison (Emma Roberts), Misty is mostly giving her the cold shoulder. She knows how Madison ended up, as she was the one who helped bring her back to the living. However, Fiona has a trick up her sleeve, live bait that Misty won’t be able to refuse. She presents her with a White Witch, otherwise known as Stevie Nicks. Misty faints.

Misty Meets Stevie Nicks

Nicks proceeds to sit down at the keys and perform Fleetwood Mac’s song about witch-goddess Rhiannon. While the older witches take in the number from the couch, Misty twirls about with her shawl in ecstasy. When Madison, Nan (Jamie Brewer) and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) walk in, they too appear to become somewhat entranced. After Fiona and Stevie agree that Misty could pass the Seven Wonders, Stevie gives Misty her own shawl and twirls along beside her.

Refocusing on the witch-hunting problem, Delia (Sarah Paulson) learns about the Delphi Trust and its head Harrison Renard, who also happens to be the father of her dead husband. Fiona and Marie, excluding Delia from their plans, figure out the best way to take out the greedy empire, whose front is private equity. After completing some spells, the FBI is shown raiding Delphi Trust headquarters and the company’s stock plummeting.

Fiona Learns How Marie Lives Forever

In a moment of post-ball busting camaraderie, Fiona asks Marie the question she’s been wanting the answer to all season long. How did Marie stop aging? Marie reveals that three centuries ago when she gave birth to her firstborn, she couldn’t escape the idea of her own inevitable mortality. That’s where Papa came in and said she could have eternal life if she handed over her baby, and new innocent lives whenever he desired.

Another unlikely pair, in the form of Madison and Misty, are watching a funeral in New Orleans. The ever-cynical Madison tries to plant seeds of doubt inside the mostly optimistic Stevie. She doesn’t want Misty to be fooled by her adoration for Stevie Nicks into thinking that the shawl is anything special, or that she’s safe pursing the role of Supreme. As they bring the man in the casket back to life, Madison encourages her to ditch the shawl and become her own witch. When she doesn’t give it up, Madison smacks her over the head, drops her in the now open casket and turns on her heel, walking away as her fellow witch gets rolled into a mausoleum – unconscious but alive.

While Madison certainly had a mean streak from the start, with increased power, Nan has lost her place as the good witch of Miss Robichaux’s. Not only in Nan clairvoyant, she can now make people do what she wants them to. It starts simply enough with her getting Madison to put out her cigarette. But then after going to the hospital, and discovers that Luke is not only dead but cremated and impossible to resurrect, she pays a visit to his mom. She makes her drink bleach to death.

Fiona Kills Nan

Downstairs, Delia has a meltdown upon coming to the realization that living in Fiona’s shadow has caused her to basically amount to nothing, as upstairs, Fiona summons Papa to get eternal life. When Papa determined that Fiona would do anything for the gift only he could give – hurt her daughter, kill a loved one, etc. he told her the deal couldn’t be made. Why? She lacked a soul.

When Fiona walks in Marie’s room to find Nan ordering Marie to put the baby down, claiming to be the next Supreme, she gets the urge to murder. With the help of Marie, she drowns Nan in the bathtub. Papa accepts the offering from Fiona. Walking downstairs, Fiona hears Stevie Nicks playing “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You,” apropos of Fiona’s primary arc throughout the season. Fiona meets the song with a smile and a tear.

– Chelsea Regan

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