Actor Garrett Hedlund, who recently played Harry J. Anslinger in The United States vs. Billie Holiday, was arrested Saturday night in Tennessee in the wake of his separation from Emma Roberts.

He was released Sunday on a $2,100 bond and is due back in court in Franklin County, Tennessee in March. This could prove troublesome for Hedlund, as he was placed on three-year probation after pleading no contest for a DUI offense in February 2020.


After the 2020 DUI incident, a rep for the Tron: Legacy actor said he “immediately sought treatment which was successful. Today, he is in a solid and great place.”

The actor was sued for this old DUI case just days ago as well. The complainants, which include a mother and daughter are suing Hedlund for negligence. “Hedlund’s conduct was despicable in that he knew and was educated in the dangers presented to Plaintiffs and the public when he operated a vehicle while intoxicated,” the documents stated in part.

Hedlund’s blood alcohol levels tested at .36 following the crash, which is over four times the legal limit of .08. According to the suit, there were also two minors in the car during the crash.

Roberts and Hedlund first began dating in 2019 and welcomed a son, Rhodes, together a year later in December 2020.

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