He’s the soulful deciple of P. Diddy who’s got a new #1 song with “Watcha Say.”

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Q: You’ve been singing since you were a child. How did you get started? - Uinterview

I was always watching Michael Jackson on television when I was a child. I was so intrigued by him. For hours and hour on end. I was always different. I didn’t have a lot of friends, I was always into my music. My mom sent me to a performing arts school where I was studying music – Jazz, tap. I always wanted to express myself. When I was 16, I got my first job with a major artist and I started writing songs for a lot of people in the music industry since then I’ve written for Cassie, Diddy and Sean Kingston among many others.

Q: What was it like working with such big stars at such a young age? - Uinterview

At first, it was kind of strange. I’m not a star-struck person. I really love working with talented people. I really love my work but I’m never satisfied. But I didn’t want to be the words behind the voice, I wanted to be the one singing. I just found out I’m #1 on the Billboard charts. So I’m really happy.

Q: Congratulations! - Uinterview

Thank you.

Q: What was it like working with Diddy? - Uinterview

It was amazing. I remember someone asked him once how he became so successful, and he said, “No sleep!” I’m the same way – play everything over and over in my head. I always feel like I’m missing something.

Q: You won at Showtime at the Apollo. How did that effect your career? - Uinterview

Nothing really happened for me after that. I did the Apollo in 2006 and it wasn’t until 2009 that I got signed.

Q: Tell us how that break happened? - Uinterview

I was pushing my songs in my hometown. I wanted everyone in Miami to know who I was. I was handing out CDs to everyone and their mother. I was going to clubs under-aged and handing CDs to the DJs. The future started to look really good. Over time I had 5 labels knocking at my door. Beluga Heights wanted to sign me as a writer. They flew me to LA to sign a writing deal with me. When [producer] JR Rotem and I got together I never felt anything like that before and he hadn’t either. He said, ‘Are you an artist?’ I said, ‘Yes! I’m an artist first and foremost.’ I didn’t leave there without signing a deal with them. They are great people. That was what was important to me – having people who are genuinely excited about having me.

Q: Did you record "Watcha Say" then? - Uinterview

That happened about a week later. [American Idol's] Kara DiGuardi got ahold of the project and that was a really big push for me. She’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time, but she never tried to overstep, and that means the world to me.

Q: Tell us about your new album which is coming out next year. What will it sound like? - Uinterview

I’m trying to have totally different songs on each track. “What If” is a song I’m telling this girl what if three years from now we’re married with children and we live in a log cabin. There’s a song called “Love Hangover” – you went to a club and had fun and got drunk with a girl and then woke up the next morning and like was like, ‘What happened? Whoa, but hey it’s alright!' It’s ok to have a good time. It’s a well-rounded album – if you’re in love for the first time. There’s a song for that.