R&B singer Jason Derulo got in a fight with two men after they verbally taunted him at the ARIA Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

Derulo, who is wearing a red and black flannel shirt and black pants, is seen descending an escalator with a group of friends and security, with onlookers nearby held back by casino staff.

The group begins shouting Derulo as he exits the casino, and one individual on-camera yells, “Hey Usher, f–k you b–ch!” In response to the taunt, Derulo turned immediately and rushed the man, hitting him several times before being pulled away.

Derulo seemed to charge the man again and knock him down later in the video, with a large crowd of staff and others forming to break up the fight.

Las Vegas police were called to break up the incident. They confirmed that Derulo was in the altercation, but reported no injuries. “The victims did not want to press charges against Derulo,” police also said.

Derulo was asked to leave by hotel staff following the incident.


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