Reddit has recently become a victim of a malicious Denial-of-service attack (DDoS). The social networking site started experiencing severe problems early Friday morning. It has since regained functionality, but remains limited.

Reddit confirmed that the malfunction was the result of a DDoS attack, and not the result of increased user volume due to the manhunt in Boston via their official Twitter page yesterday. "We are working on recovering from what appears to be a DDoS," they tweeted. "We've mitigated part of the DDoS at this time. However, certain site function are disabled."

"Site availability continued to be impacted by a malicious DDoS attack," a message on the Reddit website read.

Reddit has not offered a lot of insight regarding the root of the attack, but according to a Reddit administrator, the attack is being waged by "someone with a lot of time and bandwidth on their hands," reported Mashable. This is the first time this employee has seen an attack "at this scale."

Throughout the manhunt of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Reddit was a hotbed for internet sleuths looking to share their findings. While many Redditers came to wrong conclusions, others may indeed have aided the search for suspect number 2, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, including one member of the online community posting pictures that placed him at the scene of the crime.