Back in 2015, a now famous image of a dress was posted online, asking viewers if the clothing item was either black and blue or white and gold. The question inspired a vibrant debate; many celebrities chimed in and one man even tattooed the garment onto himself. Over three years later, we’re now looking at the next great dispute: does this voice clip say Yanny or Laurel?


Four days ago, a Reddit user named Rolandye politely asked, “What do you guys hear?” The three-second clip is of a robotic voice uttering one of the two names, either Yanny or Laurel. What was once an innocent discussion snowballed into a prolific discourse, filled with over 900 comments and garnering over 1,000 likes. One of the top voted comments, from Reddit user abcdefgaryyy, says, “Laurel and everyone is a liar.”

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However, the voice clip has gone viral, with plenty of newscasters airing the clip on their programs, perpetuating the question. Moreover, many celebrities and organizations have joined the discussion, taking one or both sides:

As with the previous debate, scientists have attempted to provide a definitive answer. Unfortunately, science is inconclusive in providing a resolution because, as CNET reports, there are at least four different explanations. It is, however, possible to hear both names depending on how the clip’s low and high frequencies are amplified. Of course, everyone’s ears are different, so whatever one hears is the correct answer to them.

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