The two men piloting the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid – were captured on CCTV footage passing through security at the Kuala Lumpur airport.

Malaysia Airlines Pilots Captured On CCTV

Both Shah and Hamid appear to go through the checkpoint without incident, with each man receiving a routine pat down before getting directed to collect belongings from the conveyor belt. Not long after the moments captured on camera, the pilots disappeared with a plane carrying 239 passengers and crew en route to Beijing.

The pilots have come under increasing scrutiny, as radar indicates that the plane was purposely steered west by an individual who must have had knowledge of flight routes. Furthermore, communications devices were intentionally turned off during the flight.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah's Political Ties Raise Questions

Out of the two men, Shah is perhaps of the greatest interest to investigators. He was known to be a devout supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, the main opposition leader in Malaysia, reported The Mirror. On March 7, one day before Flight MH370 went missing, Ibrahim was sentenced to five years in prison on a sodomy charge. Whether or not the plane disappearance was politically motivated is being considered.

Although questionable political ties and allegiances haven’t been dug up on Hamid, police have searched both his and Shah’s Kuala Lumpur-area homes. Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, investigators are also looking into all crewmembers and passengers onboard in an attempt dig up leads about the plane’s mysterious disappearance.

– Chelsea Regan

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