Team USA figure skater Alexa Knierim is ready to take on the ice in the Bejing Winter Olympic Games and she has a secret weapon. Skittles.

“Last season when we were training sometimes I would have Skittles before we would do a long program, just for an extra hype,” she said. “So then it just became this thing now that every time we travel to our competitions I always bring Skittles and I shove a handful down right before we take the ice for the warmup.”

Skittles aren’t the only tool at her disposal of course, as she also has hard work and dedication to thank for making it this far, and she hopes to make a good impression when she competes at the games.

“At the start of this international season I would like to continue putting out pretty strong performances and getting on the radar of these international judges that we are a team that is competitive and wants to make a statement,” she said.

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