Zachary Donohue is competing on Team USA’s figure skating team during the Bejing Olympic Games.

Before the games, Donohue took some time to think about the impact Covid had on both his sport and his relationship with his partner, Madison Hubbell.

“Covid was an amazing opportunity for both of us, but I especially saw it in Maddie to step back from skating and find value in ourselves outside of the sport and in our own individuality,” he said. “As a woman, as a plant mom, as an artist, an athlete, it’s been really cool watching Maddie kinda cast off all of these stresses and labels and difficult dynamics that we all as athletes deal with, but I think especially the females in ice dancing have a lot of pressure on them and I’m really proud of the growth that Maddie’s shown in her own confidence as a woman and her confidence and abilities as an athlete.”

“I’m very proud to have someone so strong next to me on a daily basis,” he added.

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