Stephen Curry: Underrated, a new documentary by Peter Nicks that follows the life of Stephen Curry and his journey to greatness, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Monday.

The film tracks Curry’s life from a high school basketball player to his time in Davidson College and the 2008 NCAA tournament to the NBA legend we know now.

During the Sundance premiere, Curry talked about what really brought him to greatness.

“Mostly it was about what preceded in my pre-college and college days of learning who I am that set me on my path to get me to the NBA,” Curry explained. “And everything I learned about myself and what it means to pursue greatness at the highest level, but still be in the moment and embrace what’s happening right in front of you, is what matters because everybody sees the finished product, the accomplishments, championships and all the great things that have happened, but it all started from somewhere.”

Stephen Curry: Underrated will premiere on Apple TV+ later this year.

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