Shea McGee, star of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover, shared her two top tips for people looking for simple ways to improve their home environment.

Home improvement spending is at an all time high, according to experts, as most spend more time inside because of the pandemic. But, McGee explained that redesigning your home doesn’t have to be expensive.

“One thing I love about design is that you can take principles that are in really high-end homes and usually those principles can be applied at any budget,” she told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “You just have kind of taper down, maybe instead of spending x amount of dollars on like the wallpaper in a room, maybe you just take a cue that like, ‘Oh, I really do like wallpaper I just need to find a less expensive wallpaper for my house.'”

“But my tip is always, cause this is the first thing that I do in every single project, is like I clean everything out,” she said, her husband Syd McGee nodding in agreement. “So like, when I’m looking at someone’s kitchen, and let’s say we’re not doing a thing to the kitchen, we’re not changing the cabinets or anything, I take everything off of the countertops, I clean it out so you can see like, ‘Okay, it feels so much better in here already just empty,’ and then we’re only gonna put back in a few of the things to make it look good.”

She finished her tips, adding, “Doing that clean slate approach to every single room usually gives you fresh eyes and makes a big difference.”

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