Shea and Syd McGee gave fans a peek behind the scenes at the new season of Dream Home Makeover.

The hit home improvement show follows the couple and the projects their design studio, Studio McGee, takes on to make people feel happier in their homes.

Shea revealed to uInterview her favorite redesign from Season 2. “I feel like the easy answer is to say that it’s the one with the basketball court because the Hanson home is such a big project,” Shea said, “but personally I think that the butter yellow kitchen that we remodeled, I just think that the transformation, the before and after, was so dramatic, that that was my favorite.”

The couple explained that a good design is always based on a good relationship with their client.

“I always think that like we try to find a good fit with the client to make sure that it’s a happy relationship,” said Syd. “Good working relationship always produces like a really good design outcome.”

“It is a long term relationship with a client, like houses are not done overnight,” Shea elaborated. “And so it’s not just a quick transaction. You’re getting into their lives, and their personalities, and their quirks and things that they like and dislike, and so we have to be a personality fit and a style fit. Obviously budget’s important, and also I think we just like to keep a well rounded portfolio; we like to put our Studio McGee look on different things. So we can do a cabin, we could do a new build or a historical home, but I think we just like to have a well rounded approach.”

Fans of the show may wonder how much say the families featured in the series get when picking out items for their new home. “With the really, really big homes that we start from scratch those they are involved in the selections process, but then when we actually are like bringing the house together they’re out, they don’t get to see it. So they’ve seen like design boards, but that’s it. And then when it is the projects where they’re like before and afters of one room, they don’t get to see anything actually so it’s pretty fun, and nerve-wracking.”

Another nerve-wracking addition to this season was the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think it just made us grateful for the spaces that we live in and kind of the work that we do. I mean everyone kind of had to turn their attention to their home and making it like a happy place to be, and we had been doing that,” Syd said.

“We shut down production of the show for just a little bit, and you can see in this season we were doing some of the filming ourselves,” Shea said laughing.

Season 2 of Dream Home Makeover comes to Netflix on January 1. Check out the trailer below.


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