When British MI5 agent River Cartwright is publically embarrassed by a failed training mission, he’s demoted to sifting through piles of papers and other boring administrative duties at the Slough House. He and his colleagues are dubbed “slow horses,” but one day, it all changes as the group becomes caught up in a dangerous scheme.

Rosalind Eleazar, who plays Louisa Guy, and Dustin Demri-Burns, who plays Min Harper, sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss working with Academy Award winner Gary Oldman.

“We just had such fun with him,” Eleazar gushed. “He’s great … one of the greatest actors, but he’s also very silly and light, and it made filming joyful really.”

“Every day was fun with Gary,” Demri-Burns agreed. “It was a relief because you know sometimes you worry that these actors who have done this and done that just do their bit and go, but he was always there. Always present. Always open to talking and answering questions.”

“Always gives you the same on camera, never dips,” Eleazar added.

“Yeah, never just dips, never sort of dialed it down if the camera wasn’t rolling … that happens sometimes which is very annoying to me,” Demri-Burns said. “He was a dream to work with and very generous. It was a dream as it was with many of them.”


The co-stars also revealed some of their favorite scenes from the show.

“The pub was quite fun. The petrol was fun,” Demri-Burns said. “I always worry about giving too much away but it’s all aired now. So, we’re on the hunt. We’re in the case, in the pursuit aren’t we, and it all getting tense and very close and we’re still quibbling over being peckish and whether we fill the car up with petrol.”

“Well, we’re not debating,” Eleazar cut in jokingly. “Men forget to put petrol in the car in a chase scene so Louise is not happy about that and it’s like what the h–l is wrong with you?”

“Exactly,” Demi-Burns said. “It’s fun playing the high stakes but also being incompetent at the same time.”

Slow Horses is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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