When British MI5 agent River Cartwright is publically embarrassed by a failed training mission, he’s forced to take on boring administrative duties at the Slough House. He and his colleagues are dubbed “slow horses,” but one day, it all changes as the group becomes caught up in a dangerous scheme.

Slow Horses‘ star Christopher Chung, who plays computer expert Roddy Ho, recently spoke about his favorite scene to film and working with legendary actor Gary Oldman in an exclusive uInterview.

“I have quite a few favorites,” the actor said. “The scenes that we as the slow horses get to come together is always really exciting and always a great day on set. Everyone’s dynamic of chiming in with something funny or an offer of play during the scene is always quite electric when we get together. I think my favorite scene is the cafe scene between my character and Standish [played by Saskia Reeves], Min [played by Dustin Demri-Burns] and Guy [played by Rosalind Eleazar]. I got to play against them for a four-hander, it was great fun.”

“You might notice I’m eating a bacon sandwich in that scene,” Chung added jokingly. “I ate 18 of them on the day, so that was also a bonus.”

Another bonus included working with Academy Award winner Oldman.

“It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful,” Chung said. “It’s like having a grown-up kid on set. He’s still so energetic and wants to give out offers to everyone on how to make the scene better. Just incredibly collaborative and always making me laugh right up until James Hawes, our director, calls action. You know, they say never meet your heroes, but in this instance, that’s a complete lie. You should definitely meet Gary Oldman if you can.”

Slow Horses is available to stream on Apple TV+.


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