Pandora is a new science fiction series centered on a woman and features many thrilling fight scenes and stunts.

The CW series, which premiered in July, is set in the year 2199 and tells the story of a young woman named Jacqueline “Jax” Zhou — also known as” Pandora” — who loses everything but quickly joins Earth’s Space Training Academy to learn how to fight dark intergalactic forces.

Priscilla Quintana, an actress who has appeared in films like Traffik (2018) and Polaroid (2019), spoke to uInterview exclusively at New York Comic-Con earlier this month to discuss her lead role in Pandora. 

“My character has been through a lot,” said Quintana before saying she did not wish to reveal any spoilers to those who haven’t yet watched the show. “I admire her most because she manages to stay kind and sincere but strong.”


“You can expect a lot of bad-ass fights and stunts and a character that truly develops and comes into her own skin and makes me quite proud,” she added.

Quintana performed a lot of her own fights for Pandora, and gleefully admitted that stunts are one of her favorite aspects of acting, even though she may not always have much time to practice them and is occasionally forced to improvise. She revealed two of her favorite fight scenes are one from episode 13 with co-star Ben Radcliffe, who plays Ralen, and another from episode seven that is set in a hotel and involves her “kicking two huge guys’ asses.”

“We don’t have a whole lot of time to rehearse, so we are truly just winging it,” said Quintana of performing fights and stunts, for which she received no formal martial arts training. “But I think it looks legit.”

As is often the case, however, shooting fights and stunts come at a cost, and Quintana said her experience on the set of Pandora was no exception. The actress noted she sustained a few minor bruises and one injury on her leg that required stitches, although she never suffered any major injuries.

“It just comes with the territory and it’s all in good fun,” said Quintana, who added her experience filming certain fight scenes was a “dream come true.”

Pandora also stars Oliver Dench, Raechelle Banno and Noah Huntley. 

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