Oliver Dench has the opportunity to do some pretty fun scenes on the new science television fiction series Pandora. 

The British actor spoke to uInterview exclusively at New York Comic-Con 2019 earlier this month about his role as Xander Duvall on the CW series, which is set in the year 2199 and stars Priscilla Quintana as a young woman who loses everything but quickly begins a new life at Earth’s Space Training Academy, where she learns to protect the galaxy from dark forces. Pandora premiered in July.

“Xander is a space spy,” said Dench of his character. “He’s a bit of a workaholic. He loves to work and he has his own social and personal issues but largely, he’s a space spy and that’s undeniably cool.”

Dench seemed like a giddy child while boasting about Xander’s ability to shoot aliens with lasers as well as his choice of attire: high mandarine collars.

Impressively enough, Dench performed his own fights and stunts for Pandora. However, he lamented the fact that he was not given permission to execute what he called a “flying rugby tackle.”

“I’d give it a go, I played rugby in school, you know? I’ll do it,” said Dench of the move. “But no, I wasn’t allowed.”

One particular fight scene Dench said he enjoyed shooting the most occurs in episode eight and involves him and Ben Radcliffe‘s character, Ralen.

“There’s this horrible moment where we look at each other and we nod,” said Dench, mimicking the cool sideways motion he and Radcliffe make. “And we suddenly jump into [fighting]. He’s doing all sorts of backflips and I do this flying eagle punch and it’s really cool.”

Dench seemed as “cool” as he described the show when admitting that he has virtually no fear of getting injured during fight sequences.

“Nah, I can’t get that hurt,” he said. “What’s gonna go wrong? You twist an ankle? It happens.”


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