Phaedra Parks and Traci Braxton talk about problems with their private parts in an exclusive interview with about new season of WeTV’s Braxton Family Values.

“It was really a great experience I found out new parts of myself that I didn’t know about, I know a lot more about Traci and her v—–,” Parks said as she and Braxton broke out into laughter. Braxton responded, “it’s not about like that… like you know… it’s not about us hooking up!”

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star joined Season 7 of the Braxton Family Values. The show follows the duo on a journey to Wyoming and South Dakota. 

Parks told uInterview that they “did some extreme activities together.” She went into detail about rounding up cattle and breaking her nails.


The trip to Wyoming and South Dakota came about after a falling out between Braxton and her sisters. In June, WeTV had to stop the show’s production after almost the entire cast, except Braxton, skipped their scheduled tapping in Atlanta. The cast had refused to film until contracts were renegotiated to include increases in their travel stipends, wardrobes and overall salary.

With the majority of the casts refusal to tape, the show refocused its attention on Traci’s life along with her friendship with Parks.

Parks was fired from RHOA last year in May for spreading rumors about ex-friend Kandi Burruss.

Full interview transcript below:

Q: What did you learn from your ranch experience?

A: [Phaedra Parks]: “It was really a great experience and so I found new parts of myself that I didn’t
know about, I know a lot more about Tracy and her vagina ahhahah”

[Traci Braxton]: “Hahaha no it’s nothing about like that, like a you know- it’s not about us
hooking up, there was no me too moment oo I’m about to be sued ahah.”

[Phaedra Parks]: “(laughs louder) hahahahah.”

[Traci Braxton]: “No you know, we were just talking about m-my situation, my health situation
about my vagina haha.”

[Phaedra Parks]: “Yeah and so you know, it’s always great when we can share because as women, sometimes you know we are not that forthcoming about everything that’s going on between our lips. ([Traci Braxton]: “Right”) and so you know there was some lips service, you know there was some talking and you know we we..”

[Traci Braxton]: “Just to let ya know it’s no pussing, no nothing like that, that’s how you get chlamydia. Nobody has it, ([Phaedra Parks]: “and ain’t nobody got time for that.) ahaha right, we too old ahhaah ([Phaedra Parks]: “we, we ain’t nobody got time for that, no penicillin needed.”) none whatsoever, I’m married..happily.”

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