Traci Braxton and Phaedra Parks went all out for Season 6 of WE tv’s Braxton Family Values. The dynamic duo headed to a ranch in Wyoming and rounded up cattle for days on end. “We did some extreme activities together,” Parks told uInterview exclusively. “We rounded up about 2000 heifers in Wyoming and South Dakota. I tell people I’ve worked with some bad bitches, but I’ve never been rounding up heifers for six days in the middle of nowhere. I would look around and and say, ‘Is this really happening, it’s so beautiful!’ As my beautiful nails were breaking off!”

Braxton seems to be recovering well after being cut from sister Toni Braxton‘s tour. “I was salty at first but now I’m not,” Braxton told uInterview. “I was not upset with the sisters. I was upset with the situation.”

That wasn’t the only drama with the sisters – as all the Braxton sisters except Traci staged a walkout. “The strike was the strike, and Traci kept working and now they are back,” Braxton said. “I decided that I wasn’t going to strike. You are in the middle of a season, in the middle of the contract. Better to do it after the contract – [whispers] then you that!” I was like, wow, this is so stressful. My sisters are not here. I really doing this on my own.”

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays on WE tv at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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