During an exclusive interview with uInterview about Patricia Heaton and David Hunt‘s newest movie Unexpected, Heaton revealed her favorite prank from Everybody Loves Raymond.


“Viewers might know, there was one year where everybody got nominated for an Emmy except for Brad Garrett,” Heaton told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “And so we were at our table read, which is the first day of the week where the actors the writers producers sit down and we all listen to the script for that week for the first time, and so we had all just found out that we were all nominated except for Brad and [showrunner] Bill Rosenthal made this announcement. He said, ‘I just want to congratulate all of you and everyone who deserved the nomination, got a nomination.’ And Brad’s face just went like, ‘did he say what I think he just said?'”

Heaton continued, “And then Bill arranged to have Bob Barker, who had been the host of The Price is Right, comes out and says, ‘Is there a Greg Barrett here?’ Because Frank Sinatra used to get Brad’s name wrong when Brad would open for him and so he said, ‘is there a Greg Barrett here?’ And Brad turns around and Bob Barker has like a fake Emmy for Brad and balloons and confetti came down from the ceiling of the sound stage and everybody cheered for Brad and he just like clasped himself and started laughing. And it’s those kind of special moments that Bill would come up with for our show that just made it a joy to go to work every day.”

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