Paget Brewster shared her “very illegal” memory from her last episode on the Friends set in her new uInterview.

Brewster played Kathy, who first dated Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and then dated Chandler (Matthew Perry).

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“The show where I knew it was over and Kathy wasn’t coming back, cause I originally just was gonna do one episode, then it was two, then four, then six. And they were all so nice, they were really, they were really, really sweet people, the actors and the writers and everybody. I loved it. So I was so happy to be there,” Brewster old uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “And then in episode six I knew my character was gone, and I climbed up, you know, the lighting equipment above, you know, for a multi-cam there’s a studio audience and it’s like a stadium audience going down so you can see the stages and there are lighting rigs above it to hold microphones to capture the audience laughing. And I climbed up a ladder on the side, very dumb I could’ve hurt myself and a lot of people, and shimmied out onto the rafters to watch the scene where Chandler decides it’s over and I’m a jerk.”

“And when they did the scene, the first pass, the audience was like ‘Ugh,’ and they were all bummed out that Kathy was gonna be gone,” she described. “And I was up in the rafters like ‘Oh! Oh! Oh! Maybe they won’t write me out!’ And then all the writers huddled together with the cast, and they rewrote the thing, and then they went out and shot it again and it was like, ‘Oh no Kathy really, Kathy blew it!’ I knew my run was over.”

“But it was a great experience,” she added, “and I’m so proud to be a part of that show. I love it.”

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