Paget Brewster delved into her favorite moments working on the cult classic Welcome To Happiness following the movie’s recut and rerelease in her new uInterview.

The award-winning indie movie was originally released in 2015, but was re-edited by director Oliver Thompson for release in 2021.

“First of all, I want to say that I thank God too that the edit that he [Thompson] did is great, and I love it, and adding the chapter titles are great. Cause I thought, ‘Oh no. What if this is terrible and I’ve already agreed I’m going to do press about it?’ So thank God it’s great. And I got cut out a lot! And I have no problem with it because watching the movie, first of all, I forgot how beautiful it was, I forgot how many incredible people were in the cast so it was like seeing the movie for the first time cause I saw it so long ago, and we shot it so long ago.”

The story follows a young children’s book writer named Woody (played by Kyle Gallner) who finds a magic door in his apartment that leads to “a place where people can go back in time and possibly change a decision or a moment in their lives and sort of the overarching question is: Is that the right thing to do?” Brewster said.

“I think where it lands in the movie is: it’s a case by case basis because we don’t, the audience does not, end up necessarily finding out who made the decision to change something in the past. And I just pointed out to Oliver the director, I said, ‘You realize the irony of you making a movie about going back and changing the past, and you’ve now recut this movie and you’re releasing it.’ And he was like, ‘Oh I didn’t even think of that,’ which is hilarious to me.”

Brewster’s character Priscilla is Woody’s editor in the film. “But there are a lot of other stories going on,” she added. “There are stories with a prophet and Moses and Nick Offerman and then Josh Brener … there’s a bunch of people who bad things have happened to them.”

The cast also features Olivia Thirlby, Molly C. Quinn, Frances Conroy and Keegan-Michael Key.

“Obviously I only worked with Kyle, and did some stuff in the desert later, and Kyle Gallner was great, I knew he was great. I did, when Molly gave me the script, I can’t remember, I somehow emailed Keegan-Michael Key and sent him the script and said ‘Hey I’m doing this indie, I know it’s no money, but read it, I think you’d like this part.’ And then he came on board. But Nick Offerman, Frances Conroy, Olivia Thirlby, Molly, I mean Josh Brener, that guy’s amazing,” she said.

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