On My Block star Julio Macias answers fan questions in part one of his new uInterview.

Joeliz (@joelizzap on Instagram) asked what character Macias enjoyed playing the most.

“I think I’ve enjoyed Oscar ‘Spooky’ just ’cause of creating a character from scratch and working with the writers and building, you know, from Season 1 through Season 4 this incredible you know character arc that was written. I think I had fun doing that. Although, there is something interesting about playing a real person,” he told uInterview Founder Erik Meers, referencing his Selena: The Series character Pete Astudillo, “because there’s so much footage out there that you can kind of watch and try to pick up on their mannerisms.”

Angelica (@groovyangelica on Instagram) asked the actor what challenges he faced while playing Spooky.

“The hardest thing about playing Spooky is sometimes bringing him home,” Macias answered. “You get so swept up into a character that sometimes shedding him at the end of the day becomes a little bit difficult.”

Moni (@blushed_up on Instagram) asked what inspires Macias as an artist.

“I think I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost,” he said, “and that you know manifests its way in acting and singing, but then also you know writing and producing. Getting a script, and being able to break it down and say what’s the best way to tell this story; I’m really engaged in doing that. Even you know when it comes to painting; what story am I trying to get across when I’m drawing something or I’m painting something.”

@dimplesdamitt (on Instagram) asked Macias what fictional character he’d most like to meet in real life.

“A fictional character that I would like to play is Gohan from the Dragon Ball series, he’s Goku’s son,” Macias replied. “It’s an anime that I kind of grew up watching. You know, everyone wants to play Goku, and I’d love to play Goku, but I think his son Gohan, there’s something about that character that sort of speaks to me. The idea of being powerful, but also fitting into society I think that would be something cool to play.”

@itsstarboybiiiiiitttcchh (on Instagram) asked if viewers will ever see Spooky again.

“I do not believe that we’ll see Spooky again,” the actor said. “I think that his story has been told. There’s a beginning, middle and end to it. Unless someone does like a flashback movie about him, I’m only going to get older so I can’t, you know, play him in his younger — and he’s, you know, he’s gone, so I don’t think we’ll see Spooky again.”

Check back soon for parts 2 & 3 of Julio’s uInterview!

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