The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2 director Deon Taylor and star Lil Duval revealed their favorite parts of filming the new movie in their uInterview.

The comedy-horror sequel picks up after the events of 2016’s Meet The Blacks after Carl Black (played by Mike Epps) moves his family back to Atlanta and realizes their new neighbor is a vampire (played by Katt Williams).

“When we think about like iconically who we have as a culture right now, that’s your top five, you got to make sure it’s Mike Epps and Katt Williams, and Duval, [Michael] Blackson, then you throw in a Danny Trejo, who’s just an iconic actor, every day is a blast.”

Duval added that working with the talent-filled cast was his “Harlem Nights moment.”

Taylor said that the most fun part of working on the movie was “not only watching all of them like kind of find the chemistry to do a film like this, but I think the transformation of Katt Williams to becoming a vampire, like, that was the coolest thing. Like seeing him do his own stunts, seeing him actually become a vampire on screen was very cool, man.”

According to Taylor, Williams performed all of his own stunts, including one in his favorite scene of the movie: “I think my favorite scene is Katt flying off the roof of the house. I thought that was very cool.”

“Yeah that was dope,” Duval agreed.

“And when I watched it in the movie everyone’s kind of like ‘wow,’ but what’s really cool about that scene is he actually did all of his own stunts. So he actually rigged up and did that stunt live, and every time I see it, I say, ‘Man, I remember him standing on the top of that, you know, three-story house jumping off with wire work,’ and it was just really cool to see that.”

Duval said his favorite scene was cut from the movie. “My favorite scene, it got taken out, it was my sex scene,” he said while Taylor laughed.

“He went full Boogie Nights so we had to take that out,” Taylor said.

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