Based on a true story, It Snows all the Time documents the life of Paul who has always taken extra precautions to keep his mind healthy. Then, he’s diagnosed with dementia at 58. This heartwarming story tackles themes of family and relationships as a much-loved man’s memory is stripped from him.

Veteran Hollywood actress Lesley Ann Warren recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what it was like working with Brett Cullen, who plays Paul.

“We didn’t know each other before we started this movie,” Warren, who plays Paul’s wife, revealed. “We had one dinner when I arrived in town. We’re both such committed, intensely affected and deeply focused on creating thse characters in the most real way that we can that it was very easy for me to fall into this intense love affair they had to the very end. Brett was so great at recreating, in a very real way, what Ed’s mannerisms and behaviors and all of that was. I was affected by him, the actor, in that character all the time.”

It didn’t take long for Warren’s favorite scene of the movie to come to mind. While it wasn’t a prominent moment in the film, she felt like she was able to gain more insight into the real family the movie was based on.

“It’s a little moment that possibly will go unnoticed,” she said. “They’re in the doctor’s office, the whole family, and the doctor is telling them the worst possible news about what’s going to happen and that it is genetically passed on to the boys … or could be. My character, it was actually something I wanted to do and I asked if I could do, she gets up and she walks over to Ed and puts her head on his chest and he says, ‘Are you okay?’ Am I okay? He’s the one that’s going through it. She’s like, ‘I’m okay, I’m okay.’ That moment between the two of them, for me, was a memory of her of what it was like to be loved by him when he was not sick and it just really touched me as Lesley and it informed me of who they were before all this happened.”

It Snows all the Time Is showing in select theaters now.

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