A Day to Die is a movie about a disgraced parole officer Connor Connolly who accidentally kills a member of a drug syndicate. The leader of the syndicate, Tyrone Pettis is enraged ordering the parole officer to get him $2 million within 12-hours. He calls on his old opt group led by Mason to try to get Pettis his money. Extra pressure is added with Pettis abducting Connolly’s pregnant wife as leverage.

Leon, who plays Pettis, spoke in an exclusive uInterview with Erik Meers about what it was like working with actors who are also his good friends.

“Working with them as a collective, but especially Kevin Dillon (who plays Connor) and Frank Grillo (who plays Mason) – I know them both from New York. Kevin, I’ve known his family for forever because me and his brother Matt [Dillon] were best friends for years,” Leon said. “It was just fun to be on the set with people I’ve known for so long. We’re all actors doing our things and we don’t get to work with each other that often so it’s great. When you get into those really intense scenes, I’m locked into my character and they’re locked into theirs.”

He used a basketball analogy to describe the trust that comes with working with his friends like Bruce Willis, who recently announced his retirement from acting, and how that altered his acting process.

“When you work with actors that you know and respect, it’s kind of like being that point guard or Michael Jordan,” he said. “You’re not worried about how the rest of the game’s going to go. You just take care of yourself and the scene is going to turn out good because they’re all going to do their thing as well.” (Image

A Day to Die can be seen in select theaters and video-on-demand.

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